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QORDS is the newest and fastest way to learn to play guitar, bass, piano or ukulele yourself in a fast and effective way. With this app (currently only suitable for the iPad) you play along with the original music video of your favorite artist on YouTube, while in real time it is indicated in color at what time you should play which chord or melody.

The music comes over like a movie. You can freeze, slow down or speed up the images at any time without changing the pitch. You will also see the lyrics. There is no app that helps you to understand and play music faster. QORDS has been tested for over three years by thousands of students between 10 and 18 years old. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, playing alone or in a group context, you will always get better with this super smart app.

Every song that is in QORDS shows you how it is played in all 12 keys. QORDS is the only app that uses chord recognition through colors. QORDS also tells you what the transpose number should be on your keyboard and which guitar fret the capo should be on. You can also zoom in and out by swiping. It goes without saying that the music library of QORDS is expanded every week with the latest hits. At no additional costs. As a temporary introduction discount QORDS is available for € 6.99 (one time fee)


  • All the chords of all the songs are right.
  • Each song has been analyzed by hand.
  • All song lyrics are displayed during playback of the songs (in the Dutch version).
  • All chords are visible in real time for guitar and piano.
  • Each song can be played slowed down and accelerated without any changing the pitch.
  • Each song can be played in any key with one click on the button.
  • With all songs it is possible to 'loop' to practice more difficult pieces.
  • Everyone can play a lot of pop songs very quickly.The music library is updated weekly with the latest hits.
  • Suitable for learning to play at home and for music education at school.
  • The app costs 6.99 euros in the App Store.
  • The price remains the same, regardless of the number of songs on offer.
  • Qords does not use 'in-apps' purchases. No advertising.
  • QORDS is currently only available for the iPad.
  • QORDS has been proven in practice - at home and at school - by thousands of students.

Experts and students praise QORDS

QORDS was conceived and developed by the Dutch, living in Arnhem, music teacher Philibert van den Bosch, who is also the regular pianist of humble icon Henk Westbroek. For over 25 years he has been teaching music to young people aged 12 to 18 at a secondary school in the Gelderland capital, and as a qualified band coach he accompanies various music groups. The music app QORDS is extremely suitable as a teaching method for schools, as practice has proven. In a particularly pleasant and quick w

ay the children learn to play various instruments and play along with the latest hits. At the end of the basic training, the pupils can not only play the piano, guitar bass or ukulele, but they can also perform many pop songs together or alone.

Philibert van den Bosch graduated in 1987 as the first group of pop music teachers in the Netherlands at the conservatory in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Soon after the launch of QORDS in January 2020, the smart music app was ranked 1st in the App Store on the list of Top Paid Apps for iPad. Also in January 2020, QORDS was voted 'App of the month' by the editors of iCulture - the largest site for Apple and iPhone in the Benelux. But QORDS is also praised as Best App abroad, for example by the leading AppAdvice.

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Provider Philibert van den Bosch
Seize: 39,3 MB
Category: Teaching
Required: iOS 10 or newer
Compatible with iPad
© 2019 Philibert van den Bosch

Language: English
Age: 4+
Price: one - time € 6,99
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